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Ladies football lose chance for final

By Mar 8, 2016

KU Women’s Football first team lost an opportunity to the final against Roehampton after a 3-0 defeat against Kent University’s Women’s first team at Tolworth on Monday.  [divider]

The final of the South Eastern 2B league which is scheduled for Wednesday – Kingston University’s Varsity against Surrey University, would have meant that the women’s football team would have skipped competing at Surrey Sports Park.

Diana Poveda, midfielder, said: “I’d rather play at the Cup Final than go to Varsity, at least it will be something that everyone remembers if we won the cup.”

Unfortunately, Kingston were not able to secure a goal by the final whistle but they did seek many opportunities throughout.

Marthe Helena Solberg, defender, said: “I don’t even know what happened, I think we were really slow at understanding what to do and how to play them.”

Striker Charmaine True had many opportunities to level the game for Kingston but Kent’s defence chased her through the middle to intercept the ball.

Although the score ended with 3-0 to Kent, Kingston were still seeking opportunities for goals to gain their chances to advance to the final.

The devastating goal against KU at 31 minutes was unfortunate for the Cougars as the deflection of goalkeeper, Tiemi Shibata gave a second opportunity for Kent to score.

True said: “They had really good one touch passes and I think we panicked a lot so we rushed all of our passes.”

The Kingston Cougars managed to pace 90 minutes of quality football but were unable to score any goals against their opponents.

Coach Ali Besim said: “People will only remember this game as 3-0 loss to Kingston, no one will ever talk about how well everyone played today.”

Mina Davidsen, midfielder, assisted many opportunities for True before she had to come off the pitch in the second half for being unwell.

Defender Guro Bommen was quick enough to chase her rivals with the ball and intercepted in dangerous situations for Kingston.

Despite the semi-final getting postponed last Wednesday after Tolworth Sports Ground was flooded with heavy rain, the Cougars had many people to support them against their rivals.

Although the Cougars lost an opportunity to play in the finals, they will make up for it against Surrey University at Surrey Sports Park on Wednesday at 12:30.

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