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Men’s football second team play 10-goal thriller

By Aradhya Gujar Oct 17, 2018
Opposite sides tackle for the ball


KU football men’s second team started the season with a 5-5 draw at home against Goldsmith’s University of London’s second team on October 17.

Tyrelle Trerise made his mark with four goals to his name for KU.

The first goal came nine minutes into the game although Goldsmiths showed strong resilience by equalising in the 19th minute.

Trerise made it 2-1 just when the game started to look settled.

Goldsmiths scored to level the score in the 53rd minute on the counter attack and went on to score two more back-to-back goals.

Trersie got his hat-trick in the 60th minute from the spot and Juvanne Miller scored the fourth to bring Kingston level.

The hosts took the lead at 5-4 but then again conceded to 5-5 in the last minute.

The referee blew the final whistle and KU finished the season opener in a cracking 10 goal showdown.

The team will play St Mary’s University College men’s fifth team next.

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