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Bacchus wins Best Independent Venue award

By River Reporter Feb 1, 2013

Melissa Hughes

Bacchus has proved to be Kingston’s favourite alternative club and has won the Best Bar None Awards.

The awards, now in their seventh year, aim to promote sensible drinking and recognise the positive contribution made to communities by responsible licensees.

 ….  Natasha Grosvenor, Duty Manager of Bacchus, said: “We’re so proud of winning best independent venue – it’s a brilliant achievement! 

“Bacchus is known for it’s eclectic music taste and variety of club nights, we have something for everyone. Bacchus is the place to go for something a bit different; underground, great atmosphere and friendly staff.

“I’m so proud of us and everyone involved in helping us achieve this award.”

The bar, that holds gigs and DJ nights, strives to be the place to go for students and regulars. Hosting nights from Riot playing metal music, to Just a Groove for the soul and disco lovers Bacchus takes alternative to the next level.

Bronte Plenderleith, a third year Human Rights and Creative Writing student, said: “It has the atmosphere of a house party, without the morning after clean up. Good, dirty fun.

“It’s totally unpretentious, somewhere with a real rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

The underground bar has been serving Kingston residents for over 20 years. It started as a wine bar, hence, its name – Bacchus is the Roman god of wine.

Nathan Martin, a third year English Literature student, said: “I love Bacchus because it doesn’t discriminate, there is no dress code, no social games, and it is one of those rare clubs where people go and somehow become friends with the person next to them.

“It leaves you feeling as if it is a friend’s basement party instead of a club filled with strangers.”



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