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Brace yourselves, winter is coming.

By River Reporter Dec 7, 2012

Barbara Tasch

The first snow fell on Kingston on Wednesday, marking the beginning of a “big freeze” that is likely to last until January.

International students are already worrying about getting back home this Christmas with forecasters saying the country is set to face higher than average snowfall, ice and very low temperatures.

Trisha Jerele, a third year media student, said: “I think it is ridiculous that the UK cannot handle the snow and had to close the airports. It’s not even that much.”

It took just two inches of snow in 2010 for the University to cancel lectures. In the same year, many overseas students were left stranded in London airports, unable to get their flights home for Christmas.

Nuno Neves, a Kingston student who graduated last year, said: “A little bit of snow and everything stops working! It’s as if there was no light or the building fell apart. The University should stay open at all times, as a symbol of conviction, and protection. It’s embarrassing to say it closes down at every possible chance.”

Students who enrolled this year pay an average of £77 per day for university education (£95 for students from outside the EU). While many students will rejoice at the idea of a few free mornings, if Penryhn Road campus closes this year, the snowball fights will be fairly expensive.

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