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Friends pay tribute to KU girl found dead in home

By River Reporter Apr 25, 2013

Friends of a KU girl who was found dead in her home last week have been left devastated by her unexplained death.

Harriet Osborne and James Garwood

Friends of a KU student who died last week have described her as a “beautiful” girl with a “cheeky sense of humour”.

Nicole Robertson, 20, a second year criminology and sociology student was found dead in her bedroom after she was heard coughing the night before.

Police investigating the death said that the cause is unexplained but it is not being treated as suspicious.

“Unique, amazing person”

Silvia Sharpe, 20, a primary school teaching assistant, had been friends with Nicole since they were both 12 years old.

She said: “Nicole was the funny one of the group who never failed to make any of us laugh and didn’t care what anyone would think because she was happy being the unique, amazing person that she was.

“She has given me some incredible memories to treasure and nobody will ever replace her.

“I’m still in shock and miss her huge amounts. I will always remember her as funny, confident and beautiful. I love her millions.”

Nicole was dedicated to her degree in criminology and had recently qualified to become a Metropolitan Police Volunteer in Kingston.

Friends said that she was very settled and happy in Kingston after moving from her home in   Middleton-On-Sea, near Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

High hopes for the future

Laura Pratley met Nicole when she was 16 and they became best friends instantly. She said: “There is simply no other person in the world who is like Nicole.

“Whether we were together, on the phone or just texting, that girl could have me in stitches for hours with her cheeky sense of humour. She had so much potential in life and would’ve been an amazing mother.

“Nicole touched so many hearts and we’re all crying for her now, but I know she is somewhere having an amazing time watching out for us all. She always had a love for life, she always said to me to live life to the full because you never know when it might end.

“We had so many amazing memories, but we had so many years left to make more and grow old together and I think people need to be aware that this could happen to anyone.”

Maddie Corke, 20, a hospital care assistant, was completely devastated by the news. She said: “I don’t think any of us has fully reacted yet except anger and tears as none of us has fully accepted that she’s gone.”

“Never a dull moment”

Victoria Lowry, 20, said: “She was someone that lived life to the full. Every day was different, there was always a smile on her face and a positive attitude to match. There was never a dull moment.

“She was so funny, I could sit with her for hours and laugh until I ached. I’ll miss her so much, she played a huge part in all our lives. It still hasn’t sunk in properly yet.”

Lewis Albon, 20, who studies fashion promotion at the University of Glamorgan and was friends with Nicole for eight years, said: “I will always remember Nicole as being the most confident person I have ever met but so kind as well.

“As she left for Kingston, I left for Cardiff. We stayed in contact all the time. She was always the most loyal person to me and I still can’t believe that she is gone.” 

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