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Kingston University student organises breast cancer awareness campaign

By River Reporter Oct 29, 2012

KU student, Gemma Coleman, raised £670 together at a breast cancer awarness campaign run by Regis hair salon.

Elena Blagoeva

Third-year journalism student, Gemma Coleman, came up with the idea to organise an event, as part of a series of charity events, with her co-worker Katherine Ferguson to raise money for breast cancer.

The charity events were carried out two weeks and included selling cakes, doing raffles and even waxing the legs and chests of Kingston’s football team and a few brave firemen.

Miss Coleman said: “It is breast cancer awareness month, so we wanted to try to raise as much money as we could, also there is a competition for hair dressing salons. Whoever earns the most money for charity, they earn an award.”

Miss Coleman’s idea was an event held in the Bentall Centre which took place on October 26.People were able to pamper themselves with facials or dry haircuts; all for a minimum of £5.

Daredevils amongst the crowd, included men who offered to get their legs and chests waxed; with some who even had their whole heads shaved.

According to Cancer Search UK, breast cancer seems to be the second most common cause of death from cancer in women.

Statistics from as early as 2010 shows that 11, 550 women have died from breast cancer, which is an average of 32 women dying per day.

Although breast cancer deaths have dropped since the 1980’s, the number of women who were diagnosed before having reached the age of fifty, was still high.

However, breast cancer survival rates have been going up during the last forty years. In 1970, only 50 per cent of women would survive compared to over 80 per cent now. 

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