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Kingston University students left without their loan struggle through financial crisis

By River Reporter Oct 19, 2011

By Amirah Valu

Hundreds of Kingston University students still waiting for their student loans to arrive since the beginning of term have been suffering a financial nightmare.

With Student Finance England dealing with over half a million enquires due to a high intake of new students starting university, the demand for  loans has been high.

“I only own £20”

Second year English language and communication student Ashleigh Oakes, 19, who applied for her student loan in June, has still not received any financial support from Student Finance or the university.

Ashleigh said: “My flatmates are buying food for the house. I don’t spend money on anything as I only own £20. I still manage to go out with my three best friends and they have subbed me with my rent costs, bills and my cheerleading membership.”

“I’m still in my overdraft”

Many students who have not received their loans are relying on part-time jobs to help them cover their living expenses.

Jonjo Neeves, 21, who studies sports science said: “I work at Knights Park Student Union and get paid weekly, so that’s keeping me going so far, but I have to be strict with money and I’m still in my overdraft which isn’t fun.”

The University has said the problem is students are still not enrolled on to their courses.

Keith Houghton, head of student funding services at Kingston University, said: “There has been a significant increase in the number of students coming to see us in student funding saying that they have been told by Student Finance England that the university has not confirmed attendance and that this is the reason that loans have not been paid.

“For many students this is not the case and attendance has been confirmed.”

Advise from KU

KU has also advised students that in order to receive their full student loan they need to be enrolled, have a National Insurance number confirmed and have returned the declaration form.

A Student Finance England representative said that a majority of students had already received their loan and payments. Those who were still waiting were scheduled to receive their money by the end of October.”

Any students who still have not received their student loan should contact Student Finance England on 0141 243 3600 or visit the student funding office at Cooper House where calls are free of charge.

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