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Kingston University’s first Black History Week

By River Reporter Oct 24, 2012

Black History Week took place for the first time at KU this week.

Samantha Bird

Kingston University celebrated their very first Black History Week at Penrhyn Road campus this past week, to commemorate the achievements of black people around the world.

Students’ Union groups such as the Living World Society, the Feminist Society (KUFS) and the Islamic Society joined up to showcase an everyday event to raise awareness of racism.

Lucy Williams, the vice president of student life, said: “This will be our first ever Black History Week at the University, and I am very excited. KUSU’s Black History Week is to mark the national celebration for our own wonderfully diverse community here at KU.”

Week of events

There were five days of celebration starting with the KUFS’s “Feminism on the Margins”, last Monday. The United Nations Association Society (UNAKU) ran an event on Wednesday called “Love the skin you’re in”, and to finish the week off on Friday evening, there will be a comedy night with Living World Society’s “Christianity and Culture”. 

Naomi Lynch, the vice-president of UNAKU, said: “Our event is focusing on the concept of racial identity – what does it mean, why does it exist, why is it relevant?”

International celebration

 Black history events are celebrated internationally, and usually during the month of October in the UK.

Ms Williams added: “KUSU’s Black History Week aims are to promote community spirit at Kingston University and positively change attitudes towards black or ethnic minorities.”


All the events that took during the week were organised by student societies and student volunteers. The events received no outside funding so a lot of effort and time was taken out of student studies to set things up.

Mrs Williams said: “It is so inspirational seeing so many students get on board to fight that fight against discrimination, and it makes me very proud to be a part of Kingston University.” 

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