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KU cards wipe oyster credit

By River Reporter Mar 22, 2012

By James Jenkins

The new Kingston smart cards can wipe Oyster cards clean of travel credit.

Kingston Hill students discovered the fault after the new cards were introduced at their campus.

The University issued a warning about possible problems on their website, but some business and law students have still complained about the card. The cards give students access to the new £26m business school.

£20 wiped

Law student Jeff Yen said: “It was ridiculous. I had almost £20 on my Oyster card.

“When I was getting the bus I regularly take without any problems, it suddenly said I had nothing left.

“I always make sure I have enough credit on my card, so I knew something was wrong.

“I had no idea the new student cards could do anything though. Only after I spent half an hour on the phone to Transport for London did I realise the Oyster wasn’t the problem.”

Jeff said: “I was quite annoyed to say the least; why they can’t just keep the same old swipe card system, I don’t know.”

The university has since issued a warning about it online and is aware of the problems.

For some it’s too late

Student support officer at Kingston Hill, Ruth Cope, said: “We have been saying to students around the campus not to keep their Oyster and KU cards together, but for some it’s too late, and we have had a few complaints.

“Not everyone looks on the website all the time, so it could have been missed by some students.”

One business management student, Henry, has also experienced Oyster card problems, but didn’t lead to him losing money.

“You just have to take your KU card away before your Oyster works, the cards operate on the same frequency so they can interfere.”

The warning on MyKingston advised students to keep the Oyster card separated from the KU smart card, as well as other credit or debit cards.

Kindi Moore, another student support officer, said: “If that is the case, they could provide students with the same holders that us staff members have, to keep them separated.”

Nothing to be done

Ms Cope added: “We hope students can get their cards fixed, but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do at the University for damaged Oyster cards.”

The new cards can be used to enter university and also print and copy.

They will be introduced to other campuses by September this year.

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