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KU students set up new radio station

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

Two music students have set up a Kingston University radio station called Radio Nipper.

Georgina Deacon
Hayden Winwright, 20, and Lloyd Evans, 21, were inspired to create Radio Nipper after a lecture last year, and began planning the station this September.
Mr Winwright said: “Our lecturer couldn’t understand how Topps Tiles can have their own radio station and Kingston University can’t. There is a lack of any sort of student radio station here.”
Waiting for licences 
Radio Nipper is still waiting for licences from Ofcom and PRS to broadcast live, which could be granted  by February 2013.
The two students have been busy pre-recording radio shows and recruiting KU students onto the Radio Nipper team.
“It’ll be an internet service so you’ll be able to just click the play button to listen to the radio live,” said Mr Winwright. “We hope to have it playing in uni areas, such as the SU bars.”
Mr Evans added: “Our music lecturers have been generous enough to give us a space, so the studio is at Kingston Hill campus, but any students can take part. We want a big variety of shows such as news, radio plays and possibly guest lectures and speakers”
Funding by Collegiate Music
Funding for the radio station has come from Collegiate Music.
Anyone who wants to get involved in Radio Nipper should email or contact the students via Facebook:

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