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Nightbus nightmare: local drunk attacks KU bus

By River Reporter Feb 21, 2012

By Zoe Birdsall

Kingston students were “showered with glass” last week when a university bus came under attack by a drunken man.

The KU3 bus was taking students back to Seething Wells halls of residence in Surbiton on Thursday evening when a member of public began to abuse the driver and passengers.

KU student Clem Rix, 19, who was aboard the bus said: “The guy started shouting in front of the bus and wouldn’t move. He kicked off really quickly and started smashing stuff, he seemed furious. He was punching the bus and snapped off the windscreen wiper and used it as a bat to hammer the bus.

“He definitely appeared to be drunk and in a total rage. It was pretty scary. He was really aggressive, swearing at us and even hanging off the side of the bus at one point.

“He made a huge crack in the front windscreen and as the driver tried to steer the bus away without running him down, the man swung crazily at the side of the bus. He smashed a window and showered students inside with glass, one girl got covered.”

Witnesses said the attacker was almost injured himself during the outburst when he stepped backwards into a flow of traffic and nearly got hit by a passing car.

Driven to safety

The bus driver of the KU3 managed to drive the vandalised bus 100 metres down the road away from the attacker where police were called to the scene.

Kingston University issued the following statement: “We would like to thank the driver for his professionalism; acting responsibly and prioritising the safety and well being of his passengers.We would also like to thank our students who were passengers on the bus for remaining as calm as possible during the incident.”

Student President Mr Dingle said: “The Kingston University night buses will continue to operate to provide safe passage home for our students whilst this incident is investigated and includes liaison with Kingston Metropolitan police.”

The Metropolitan Police were unable to comment on the incident.

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