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No more flying the nest for new KU students

By River Reporter Apr 1, 2013

A new Kingston University scheme offers free tuition, but it comes with the mother of a condition.

Payolas Florid

Kingston University has confirmed a new scheme that will allow students to have free tuition – but their parents must live with them in the Halls of Residence.

The radical new plans, confirmed by spokeswoman Avril Premier, would mean that if a student’s family were happy to live in halls to make sure the student was working and attending lectures, the university would pay for tuition.

Miss Premier said: “It’s a bold and innovative way to counteract two of Kingston University’s biggest issues, poor lecture attendance and high tuition fees.”

Perfect Marks

The idea was trialled at Canterbury University last year with six students and their families living in the student village for half of the year.

All the students achieved near perfect marks in every assignment and exam during the six-month experiment.

Joanne Dawson, 20, took part in the trial. She said: “It was weird at first having my parents at university with me but I soon adjusted.

“It stopped me being homesick and I wasn’t distracted by boys and partying.”

Family Learning Village

Over £30million will be spent on turning the current Halls of Residence at Clayhill into a “family learning village” that will be ready for the start of term in September 2013.

Support has been shown by journalism lecturer, Daniel Townend, who urged other universities to follow suit.

He said: “Kingston is naturally leading the pack on this one, it should hopefully roll out nationwide as it’s a brilliant idea.”

Update: It’s April Fool’s Day.

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