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Oceana’s Halloween horror as clubber fell

By River Reporter Nov 1, 2011

By Rosie Williams

A clubber caused horror this Halloween when he fell in an attempt to climb back into Oceana’s first-floor smoking area after being thrown out, an anonymous source has said.

The man, who a fireman said is a student, scaled a drainpipe outside Kingston’s Oceana and got tangled in pigeon netting after crashing about 25 feet into the pavement on Clarence Street.

The source from the nightclub said a very drunk French man was restrained by police after he fell because he tried to run away from and fight the paramedics and fire personnel who were called to help.

Five emergency services vehicles were called to the nightclub at about 1.15am on Tuesday morning.

The man is thought to have been sent to St George’s hospital with shock and a hurt hand.

Can you or someone you know provide some more information about this unidentified clubber? Please get in touch with Rosie Williams,

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