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Poor CCTV turns Penryhn Road library into hotspot for thieves

By River Reporter Mar 7, 2013

Students have claimed that the poor quality of the CCTV cameras in Penrhyn Road library is making it a hotspot for thieves.

Ryan Rocastle

A series of laptops and other items have been stolen in Penrhyn Road library over the last year.

As the exam period for Kingston University approaches, the library becomes packed with people and students often leave their laptops and belongings to reserve a space and prevent people from taking it.

Useless CCTV?

Faye Clough, a KU dance student, had her laptop stolen in January and said that security at the library told her that there was no way of identifying the thief using the CCTV camera footage. This led Miss Clough to question why they even have it there in the first place.

She said: “If they are going to have CCTV it should be everywhere and it should be reliable otherwise I do not really see the point in them having it.”

Youriy Ichtchouk, who studies economics and international relations, also had his laptop stolen and was told the same thing by the library security team.

Poor quality

He believes that it is time that the University invests in more security cameras for the campus.

Mr Ichtchouk said: “The cameras only point at the door of one of the exits, it doesn’t point to the door of the actual area you’re sitting in.

Poor quality CCTV camera’s could make any police investigation into the matter almost impossible for them to solve.

Warned not to leave laptops

A University spokesman said: “We do have extensive CCTV coverage across the University. However, if an individual knows where these cameras are placed and is determined enough to avoid detection, it is still possible to do so.

“Students have been warned not to leave laptops or mobile phones on show in their cars or by a window and not to leave them unattended in the library.”

KU students are also worried about the fact that during the day anyone can enter Penrhyn Road library without a student ID card.

Could it be more like Kingston Hill?

At Kingston Hill campus students have to use their ID card in order to get into the library at all times of the day and this is certainly a policy that Mr Ichtchouk feels Penrhyn Road should adopt.

Kingston University has said that the Student Union will be leaving cards with crime prevention advice on top of laptops and mobile phones left unattended in the LRC.

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