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River readers reminded to retune or regret.

By River Reporter Apr 4, 2012

By James Baines

BBC 2 has become the first of the analogue channels to be switched off in the London area with the other channels following suit on April 18.

Viewers who have already made the switch to digital will still have to re-tune in order to receive signals for channels BBC 1, BBC2, BBC3 and BBC News.

Those who still do not have a freeview box or a digital TV will need to purchase one or the other or face life without television.

Most of the UK has already made the switch, with just London, Tyne, Meridian, and Northern Ireland TV regions still in the process of switching.

Analogue signals have been providing our broadcasting since the first days of television back in the 1930s.

Digital broadcasting uses a computer code of 0s and 1s to compress information being sent to our screens allowing for more channels and more programming.

For London viewers ITV, Channel 4, BBC1, and Channel 5’s analogue channels will all be switched to digital on April 18. 

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