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Students have healthiest new years intentions

By River Reporter Jan 17, 2013

Students amongst the highest percentage of people aiming to get fit this year.

Ryan Rocastle 

Students are the most likely to start a new health regime this January, with 72% saying they want to embark on a new diet or fitness regime.

According to a survey done by the highest proportion of people that are aiming to get fit for 2013 were students but their new years resolution will last less then one month. 

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of said: “The New Year is a great time to try out a new sport or fitness classes, however think carefully before forking out for a long-term membership.” 

The study revealed that good intentions will be short lived with most fitness attempts lasting just 25 days, ending around February 1 2013.

Join a gym

Now could be the perfect time  to join “ TheGym” in Eden Street Kingston, which is only £16.99 a month, open 24-7 and has no contract meaning members can leave whenever. 

Business student, Manil Fernando joined the gym in 2012 and said he’s now reaping the benefits: “ As part of a new year’s resolution I said I’d get fit and The Gym has helped  me achieve that because it’s always open and with other students there, it makes a good atmosphere.” 

There is also a fitness centre at Penryhn Road for Kingston students, which provides a full range of aerobics, dance and wellbeing classes. Added to this there are free weights and cardiovascular equipment.  To join this gym you must commit until the end of term paying £116 for a gold membership and £75 for a silver one. 

Jennings added that it was important students did their homework before jumping in to join a gym: “Make sure you do your research to find out what equipment you need – proper trainers are essential to protect your joints if you plan to run, for example.”

Taking on diets 

Of those planning to become healthy this year, almost half (47 per cent) will embark on diets to really give their 2013 a boost.

Despite this pupils are prepared to spend a lower amount in an attempt to lose weight then the rest of the country. Students will spend £ 71.40 to get in shape compared to the national average of £85.67. 

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