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Surbiton cat killer on the loose

By River Reporter Oct 24, 2012

Surbiton pet owners have been warned to keep their animals safe, after a cat was found decapitated and another injured.


Álvaro Pelegrín

Pet owners in Surbiton have been warned to keep a close eye on their animals, particularly cat owners, after a kitten was decapitated and another cat shot in the leg with an air rifle.

The sickening incidents happened only weeks apart earlier in October.

Leila Frame was on holiday in Egypt when her neighbour found the kitten amputated, and took it straight to a veterinary surgery on October 4.

Miss Frame expressed her disgust: “It is hard to believe there are people in the world capable of doing such a terrible thing, let alone in your back yard. It is spooky to think someone so disturbed might be living so close.”

Nurses at Aspen Veterinary Surgery where the kitten was taken, believed that the clean slice along the kitten’s neck and tail was a human action, possibly with a knife or dagger.

Head vet at the practice, Peter Melville, said: “Whether the cat was dead and someone sick decided to do this or whether or not it was alive at the time we just do not know.”

The second incident took place on Brittania Road Estate, on the morning of October 19, when a cat was shot in the leg with a high powered air rifle.

Although the cat is still alive, it has serious injuries to its leg.

It is not sure these two cases are connected, but the Met Police wildlife specialist officers are still investigating.

They are urging for the public to come forward if they know anything connected with the above attacks.

Meanwhile, they have warned everyone keep their animal safe.

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