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Toilet trouble hits Penrhyn Road

By River Reporter Oct 19, 2012

Toilet trouble has again afflicted Penrhyn Road with ground floor lavatories out of order.

Samantha Bird

The Penryhn road campus’s main building toilets flooded during the week making them inaccessible for several days.

Waste poured from the ground floor toilets and spread on to the corridor carpet. Students were directed around the main building to find alternative entrances to the cafe and the courtyard in front of the John Galsworthy building.

Student Liz Crawford, 24, said: “It was a massive inconvenience. The toilets are really disgusting. It wasn’t a surprise they have had maintenance problems.”

The ground floor toilets are the most used at the university because they are near the main entrance and cafes. 

Julia Hebenstreit, 30, a third year student, said: “It seems like every month those toilets are out of order or flooded.”

Ms Hebenstreit said that she went out of her way to avoid those toilets. 

KUSU maintenance declined to comment.

As of Monday, working order has returned.

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