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Unresolved stabbing raises safety concerns for students

By River Reporter Mar 1, 2012

By Caroline Bursell

Kingston University students have described concerns about their own safety after an 18-year-old was stabbed in Kingston town centre and similar cases remain unsolved.

Shaken students are worried that no arrests have been made so far and the people responsible for the late-night brawl could cause harm to others.

This includes the rape of a young woman near the Bacchus nightclub last month.

“I’m very shocked,” said 21-year-old Kingston law student Joshua Rutledge.

“It’s quite scary to think the attackers are still out there. The worst part is knowing it might be someone I see at parties or in the clubs I go to.”
According to Kingston Police, the stabbing happened in the early morning hours of Friday February 17.

The victim, from Roehampton, was partying in Ama-Gi nightclub before getting involved in a ‘10-man scrap’ that put him in hospital.

Business student Jasmine Jappy, 19, was at the Hippodrome nightclub nearby when the stabbing occurred and was deeply affected by the news.

 “My first thought is how close to home it is. In my mind Kingston is so safe and hearing about people being in danger here makes me wonder if anyone is ever safe anywhere,” she said.

“The fact that no arrests have been made worries me and makes me question how many of these cases I haven’t heard about?

“How many dangerous people are out there wandering the streets when I could be walking home alone and vulnerable while under the influence of alcohol?” Jappy added.

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