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Education Roundup II

By River Reporter Oct 22, 2012

Insomnia, international students, and insight. Sara Magalhaes takes you through this week’s education news.

The UK has seen a 30 per cent decrease in international student applications, mostly due to stricter visa regulations put out last April, says the Independent. In Kingston, however, there was only a three per cent drop from last year.

On the other hand, one lecturer is saying UK universities are being forced into accepting international students, who barely speak English, for financial reasons. Read more here.

32 per cent of students suffer from insomnia due to financial worries, while twenty per cent suffer from depression. Things will only get worse when tuition fees rise for British and EU students to a maximum £9000 per year, say the Telegraph.

Loans for part-time students will finally be available starting next year, when fees will rise up to £6,750 a year. Up until now, part-time students were never eligible for loans, even though they make up 30 per cent of all undergraduates. More to be read here.

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