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Kingston University by-elections have begun

By River Reporter Oct 15, 2012

 The first elections of this academic year have begun and the first KUSU shake up is imminent.

Konstantinos Lianos 

By-elections have officially commenced on Monday with students up for positions across the SU.

Up until Friday October 19, students will be able to meet the candidates at all campuses.

More specifically, candidates will be at Penrhyn Road this Monday and Friday, Kingston Hill on Tuesday, Roehampton Vale on Wednesday and Knights Park on Thursday.

Ballots will be closing on Friday at 6pm. 

The candidates and posts up for grabs are the following:

Disabled Students Officer:

Bhupinder Rizvi

Blaise Persaud

Ethical and Environmental Officer:

Francesca Manning

Michael Toy

International Students Officer:

Clement Tataru

Mohammad Arab Khaburi

Vke Ziglone (Sid)

Michelle Varghese

Trayan Velev

Mature Students Officer:

Herbert Mutanha

Students in Professional Practice Officer:

Daniel Bellows

Helena Charles

Henry Eaton


You can vote online and read the candidates’ manifestos here.

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