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Homeland series two: that’s right, it’s back

By River Reporter Oct 15, 2012

Homeland’s back and after a teeth-clenching second episode we are left longing for more. 

Lily Kemp

Series one was a raging success, it seems like decades since it aired on Channel 4, but low and behold, series two has arrived with a vengeance.

We loved the dramatic cliff-hangers and courageous twists in Carrie Mathison, (Claire Danes) and Nicholas Brody’s (Damian Lewis) stories that consumed the first series.

Even though it pulled in a mammoth 2.3 million viewers, episode one seemed uneventful and subsequently dull in comparison.

However, it is in episode two that things really get going.

All you avid Homeland fans will be more than pleased to hear that Carrie is back on top form at last.

It was the end of the episode that provided us with the real shock factor when Saul finds Brody’s suicide tape. The audience was left questioning: what on earth could happen next? (No change there then.)

I guess we will just have to clench our teeth and wait until next Sunday to find out.  

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