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TOWIE: Ricky Returns

By River Reporter Oct 18, 2012

A girly night in, apologies and tears and cooking naked-chef style on this week’s TOWIE.

Amy Rosoman

The charming Ricky is back in The Only Way Is Essex, episode six, series seven. Mario and Lucy’s relationship is still up and down, the boys go dry slope skiing, Joey sets Arg up on a blind date, Mick’s being judged for his Sugar Hut Honey’s and Kirk visits a therapist.

Gemma, Bobby, Sam and Billie have a girly night in, chatting about Gemma’s boyfriend Rami, the Mario and Lucy drama and Mick and the Honey’s. Joey and Sam pop to the fish market where Joey used to work, although not the most romantic setting, the pair talk about being the one for each other, all lovey dovey even if it is a little fishy. The boys hit the dry ski slope for Little Chris’s birthday before Ricky arrives.

Meanwhile, Arg and Joey chat to a girl from Scotland who they have found through Arg’s online dating profile, but she seems a little too keen. Lydia visits Lucy at her boutique store. Lucy asks her to call Mario on her behalf, which just causes more arguing and so Lucy hangs up.

For the first time we meet Mick’s younger children Hollie and Mason (both adorable). Kirk talks to his dad Mick about his anxiety attacks that he plans to visit an energy therapist. Arg and Joey attempt to play indoor tennis, but end up chatting about a blind date Joey has set up for Arg. However, Arg seems more concerned that his boobs will be bigger than hers. 

Even more tears

Lucy and Mario meet up to try and resolve their problems. Mario apologises, but gets frustrated when Lucy gets upset, but he agrees to stop seeing Mick if that is what Lucy wants. 

Diags and Joey tag along to Arg’s date to see how it goes; however, they are pleasantly surprised to see that blind date Jasmine is pretty and slim and that right away her and Arg start chatting about musical theatre (ideal for Arg). Sadly, Joey and Diags chat to Jasmine after the date and she does not find Arg attractive, but both she and Arg felt no spark.

Cooking in the nude

Ricky takes his relationship with Jess to the next level as he gives her a key to his apartment. Mario begins to make amends with Lucy when he cooks her dinner the naked chef way. Lucy and Mario talk about how their engagement broke down their relationship. They decide to get rid of the ring and both are left smiling when they go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend, for now.

Catch the next TOWIE on Sunday October 21 at 10pm onITV2. 

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