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Restrictions bring frustration for students on practical courses

By Maariyah Malik Nov 14, 2020

Kingston University’s blended learning approach has received a mixed reception from students, particularly those on practical courses.

The university has put safety measures in place to ensure students can enjoy a mix of online and face to face learning.

But Simran Nayee, a student of human nutrition said: “I am quite surprised that practicals are still running… Some people can’t physically travel or can’t come.

“Because of Covid-19 we’ve ended up doing practicals on our own… that’s so much stress on a student; trying to figure everything out whilst managing coursework, it’s very hard,” he said.

The university has said it is working to ensure that those students who are unable to take part in the on-campus activities are not disadvantaged in their studies.

Blessing Olaniya, a student of pharmaceutical sciences said she had expected the module to be more practical this year.

“Online learning for this module isn’t a success in my opinion, but I do get to go in once a week which I enjoy,” she said.

But for some modules the pandemic has brought wider frustrations with events cancelled and trips out of the question.

Students on the fashion journalism module are unable to attend in-person events such as catwalk shows, which have gone online.

Noemi Rodrigues, said current third-year students are missing out the experience of live catwalks.

“It was an amazing experience, it was my first ever catwalk show and it is one I will always remember.

“It is sad we will not be able to get this experience this year… It is truly a magical experience,” she said.

Kingston University remains committed to offering a mix of online and face-to-face learning, so for now, although limited, access to campus for practical studio and lab-based work will continue.

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