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Revived Mental Health and Wellbeing Society flourishes

By Emily S Kimber Feb 14, 2022
People walking in Richmond ParkThe society’s first official event is a walk in Richmond Park. Photo: Alex Lentati/LNP/Shutterstock

Interest in the revived Mental Health and Wellbeing society has surged with over 50 new members in the first two weeks. 

The society, which lay dormant for around two years, is being headed by three KU Mental Health Nursing students who are sharing the role of president. 

Manhan Saraf, treasurer of the society said: “What we aim to deliver is to help people on campus, so they can come together and feel supported.” 

“A support network that can guide students to the appropriate mental health services.”

Manhan Saraf

The committee has a lot of ideas for activities in the pipeline including a drop-in centre, regular tea and coffee afternoons and social walks, all to facilitate conversation around mental health in a non-judgemental environment. 

Other ideas in the works also include mindfulness sessions, guest speakers and marking key dates in the mental health calendar. 

The society’s first official event will be a walk in Richmond Park on February 26, and in keeping with the pressure-free environment they aim to create, Manhan said: “While it’s an official event for us, we want to keep it informal to not make it a burden for people. If they want to attend the meeting, they can.” 

Describing themselves as placing mental health and wellbeing at the heart of the university experience, the society seeks to help students maintain a good support network while at university. 

A poll conducted by The River on Instagram found that 78 per cent of KU students who responded, thought a mental health and wellbeing society would be beneficial to student life. 

Manhan emphasised that the society will not be acting as a professional body but rather “a support network that can guide students to the appropriate mental health services.”

In addition to events, the group have set up an Instagram page, @kumentalhealthsoc, where they have been sharing tips and advice for dealing with mental health struggles.

By Emily S Kimber


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