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Security guard reveals students’ secret lives in halls

By Penelope Karaolis Dec 15, 2014
Photograph by Maria Kaffa

A Kingston University security guard has described how colleagues are powerless to stop students from drug dealing, prostitution and theft because of manager’s reluctance to kick out offenders.

The guard told The River how he had found buried cocaine bags, forgotten sex toys in public areas of student accommodation, as well as student’s rooms being home to prohibited businesses.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said: There are always groups involved in selling drugs, consuming, prostituting, getting excessively drunk, starting illicit businesses and stealing food and furniture from campuses.

“I once found out that a student had a proper business in his room. He was selling brand clothes and shoes overseas on the internet.

“I’d enter the room and just see dozens of huge boxes filled with new clothes and nothing else. It was like a warehouse filled with boxes and one bed.”

Even though according to Kingston’s halls official regulations it is prohibited to start businesses in the University’s premises, the guard revealed that “no action was really taken.”

The guard has also talked about young women prostituting themselves on university campuses.

“One time we also found out that a girl living in the halls of residence where I worked was a sex worker.

“When I entered her room I found loads of sex toys on her bed, a thick dark curtain added to the one already provided by the residence, and a computer with an expensive-looking camera in front of the bed.

“Again, I didn’t really say anything. I knew nothing was going to change.”

Drug dealing and excessive drinking are also daily occurrences in KU’s student residences, according to the guard.

He revealed he has often witnessed students losing consciousness because of excessive alcohol consumption and overdosing.

“Right now, seeing students smoking marihuana and consuming cocaine is normal,” the guard said.

The official KU website states: “Kingston University has a zero-tolerance approach to illegal drugs and drug-dealing on all University premises, including halls of residence.”

However, the guard said that Kingston Uni’s  zero-tolerance-approach was not being enforced.

“What really frustrates me is the fact that I know students are selling and consuming strong drugs and I can’t really do anything about it.

“I don’t want to get myself or anyone else in trouble.

“Eventually, they all get away with it with just a warning.”

The man also talked about cleanliness and the chaotic state student rooms are often found during health and security checks.

Sometimes toilets were left clogged, mouldy food was found on the floor and girls would smudge make-up on the walls of their rooms.

“Sometimes, it was as if cavemen lived in their rooms!” he said.

“I’ve found used vibrators and other sex toys laying around in common areas, cocaine or marihuana bags hidden behind trees and trash bags, used condoms and tampons…the list could go on for hours”.

The guard added that boys are generally much tidier and cleaner than girls “probably because they’re always trying to seduce young women to their rooms and want to make a good impression.”

When  he was asked what frustrates him the most regarding the current situation at student residence, he said: “I grew up in a very bad neighbourhood where drugs and prostitution are the norm.

If someone is a drug dealer or a prostitute from where I’m from, trust me, you know! And you know how to keep away from them.

Here, you never know what to expect.”




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