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Kingston men’s badminton top the league

By River Reporter Mar 22, 2012

Kingston’s badminton team ends the season on a high after beating Surrey 5-3 last week.

Martin Mork

<--break-><--break->Kingston University men’s badminton team completed an unbeaten season and took top spot with a 5-3 victory over Surrey yesterday.

The KU boys drew just one of their 10 fixtures, securing promotion to the BUCS South Eastern league 3A in some style.

“It has been a good year,” said president and first team captain Kiran Ragupathy, “It is nice to finish university on a high note.”

Better than fourth division

Our boys have already proven that they have the mettle to play at a higher level, having already beaten Imperial, then two leagues above Kingston, in this year’s cup competition.

Ragupathy has not lost sight of why the team play badminton in the first place.

“It is mostly about having fun,” he said. “We have only two hours on every Friday to practice, so we focus mostly on playing and having a good time.”

One team promoted, two relegated

Neither the women’s badminton team nor the men’s second string faired as well this season, both finishing bottom and being relegated from their respective leagues, but Ragupathy insists that the quality of badminton in Kingston is good across the board.

“The girls have a few good players, but unfortunately haven’t been doing too well this year,” he added.


  1. Kingston 1st                   28
  2. Brunel 2nd                        21
  3. Reading 2nd                     19
  4. Surrey 2nd                       12
  5. Royal Holloway 2nd          6
  6. Kingston 2nd                   0

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