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Kingston University to climb Everest, sort of

By River Reporter Feb 1, 2013

Kingston University Mountaineering Club are to climb as high as Mount Everest in a gruelling 12 hour charity fundraising event.

Marc Williams

The team of around 20 climbers will take shifts ascending the 10 metre wall at Tolworth White Spider Climbing Centre 885 times in total. This is to raise awareness and money for air ambulance services in the south east England.

KUMC Vice President, Vicki De Valembois Siddall, said: “We go climbing a lot outdoors and the air ambulance is very important to us. We climb where other emergency services just wouldn’t be able to get to, so this cause is crucial to our safety.”

Daunting but fun

The first KUMC Climbathon will take place on the February 13, climbing all 8848 metres of Mount Everest with six climbers taking to the wall at one time.

Siddall also said: “It’s going to be tough especially on our hands as we are going to be constantly climbing and belaying. It is daunting but it’s also going to fun. We are a small club and all friends, so it’s going to be a great laugh as well as a great way to raise money.”

All the money raised will go to air ambulance services in Kent, Surrey and Sussex with particular funds going to the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. The emergency aid costs around £5 million a year to stay airborne and is key to ensuring the safety of mountaineers.

Worthy cause

As well as the Climbathon, KUMC have a number of other fund raising ideas planned.

Wednesday January 30 saw a bake sale take place at Penryhn Road Campus raising close to £100. The sports club are also being given clothing from outdoor sports apparel outlet Marmot to auction.

In all the team hope to raise £500 for their worthy cause.

Siddall said: “I’m so proud of my club, it was a small idea of mine which I thought of during the summer. Everyone was incredibly supportive and jumped at the chance to take part.”

To show your support for the club, the charity and help raise funds join the team and cheer them on at the event. 

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