Kingston University’s sport fixtures: week seven

A busy week in sport sees all men’s football play as well as women’s netball

Mathew Mceay 


Wednesday March 14


Football Women’s

Kingston first– Reading first, 14:00 (League)


Football Men’s

Kingston first– Royal Holloway first, 14:00 (League)

Roehampton second – Kingston second, 14:00 (League)

Kingston third– Imperial second, 14:00 (League)

Kingston fourth – Surrey fourth, 14:00 (League)


Rugby Men’s

University of the Arts first – Kingston first, 14:00 (League)

London School of Economics second – Kingston second, time n/a (League)


Basketball Men’s

St Mary’s second – Kingston second, 13:00 (League)


Netball Women’s

Kingston first – Imperial first, 13:00 (League)

Kingston second– Surrey second, 16:00 (League)

Kingston third – Imperial fourth, 14:00 (League)


Badminton Women’s

Kingston first – King’s College, 18:00 (League)


Badminton Men’s

Kingston first – Surrey, 19:00 (League)

Kingston second – Brunel second, 19:00 (League)


Golf Mixed

Kingston second – Royal Holloway, 11:30 (League)


Volleyball Women’s

East London first – Kingston first, 18:20 (League)


Volleyball Men’s

Kingston first– Chichester first, 18:00 (League)


Tennis Women’s

Reading first – Kingston first, time n/a (League)


Tennis Men’s
Royal Holloway first – Kingston first, 13:00 (League)


Hockey Women’s

Kingston first – King’s College second, 13:00 (League)

Hockey Men’s

Brunel second – Kingston first, time n/a (League) 

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