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Kingston women’s suffer heavy defeat from Brighton

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2012

Kingston University’s women’s first football team suffered yet another heavy defeat as Sam Merison’s team lost 8-1 to Brighton’s firsts in Tolworth.

Kingston Cougars, who played without Florence Amess due to injury, played much better than last week but could not retaliate against a stronger and much more prepared Brighton.

“I don’t think that we deserve to lose as big as we did today but of course as soon as the fourth goal goes in heads drop,” said the Cougars’ coach.

Kingston started very strong with a nice shot by Hiruth Stautland, who had yet another impressive game, in the early stages of the match. Nevertheless, Brighton scored their first goal on the fourth minute.

In the 15th minute, Cougars lost possession too easily, allowing Brighton their second goal through a beautiful header from by Stacey Ireland.

Numerous mistakes in defence, as well as injury, led to Brighton’s Sammy Tinsley scoring the first of her three goals 13 minutes later.

The second half saw Brighton absolutely dominate the field and score five more goals. Kingston had eight shots on target throughout the game and so the consolation goal came five minutes before the end of the match, with striker Lynn Badu finishing well.

Kingston’s coach admitted that there are players that are not adjusted to the positions they are currently playing in, which leads to goals being conceded during the learning process.

“Hopefully we can sort out a few minor positioning issues and, as long as the girls keep their heads up and their spirits high, I’m sure we will be able to turn some results around in the coming weeks,” said Merison.

He added: “We just need to keep positive and I’m sure we can sort out some issues and keep improving as players and as a team.”

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