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Students “disappointed” by Subway removal

By Leigh Boobyer Oct 5, 2015

The removal of Penrhyn Road’s Subway in the Space Bar (now known as ‘The Space’) was part of a re-branding of the University to encourage students to eat healthier for cheaper.

Kirsty Robinson, the marketing manager of the replacement company, Elior, explained that “Subway had been replaced at Penrhyn Road to allow for more choice for students along with better quality products at affordable prices.”

However, the extinction of The Space Bar’s beloved Subway has caused huge controversy. A number of students have shared the same face of complete upset and grief.

Ian Smith, a 3rd year sports science student, said: “I am very disappointed. There is a total lack of understanding what students want prior to them changing it.”

Subway in the previous years brought a beehive aspect to the Space Bar, congregating a mass number of students on an hourly basis. Now, students have complained about feeling more hungry and dissatisfied having to resort to worst-for-value options such as burgers and chips, pasties, and pizza slices.

“It [Subway] was very convenient to have it there, now it’s a waste of time. I feel forced to buy overpriced food from the canteen. It’s just not good in any aspect.” An anonymous source said.

The removal of Subway was included in a scheme for the University to re-brand itself. This was in addition to provide more spacious, modern, and interactive areas to unwind and disengage from an overbearing workload or even an equally heavy night out.



The replacement for Subway in The Space is a food service run by catering company ‘Elior’, who in 2010 won a three year catering contract with the University.




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