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Tag rugby club set up for Kingston students

By Louie Chandler Oct 21, 2017
Tag Rugby is a mixed sport with 53 per cent of competitors being female. Photo: Tagged Rugby, Facebook.

Tag rugby has become the latest sport available to KU students after the university was selected by the Rugby League Foundation to host weekly sessions.

‘Tagged’ is played at 20 universities across the UK with more set to be added in the coming years.

“The whole point of ‘Tagged’ is that it’s a much more social sport,” Kingston University organiser and mechanical engineering student Marc Jonker, 23, told The River.

“So it’s more about getting people involved than actually learning how to play rugby really well.

“Without the contact it makes it a lot more inviting, because a lot of people look at normal rugby and go: ‘I like the idea, but the contact is maybe a little too much for me,’ so our target group is more people who don’t play a lot of sport.”

Tagged is a mixed sport for both male and female players, and the London Rugby League Foundation claims that 53 per cent of players are female.

Although there is currently no competitive league for tag rugby, Jonker hopes one can be created once the sport becomes more popular.

“It’s more just a recreational sport so it’s not part of the BUCS or anything like that. It’s currently a pitch up and play situation,” Jonker said.

“However we hope to get to a stage where we can get a team and make a inter-university league. So we’re looking into that but obviously we need the numbers consistently.”

‘Tagged’ hold their sessions from 5-6pm at Tiffin Boys School in Kingston every Monday.

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