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KU societies invite all to attend ‘Women’s March on London’ this Saturday

KU’s Feminist and Amnesty International societies will march in solidarity with an estimated 26,000 participants to promote “fundamental values” on Saturday, January 21 2017. The march welcomes all genders and promotes the values of human rights, equality, [more…]

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Kingston University students learn about asexuality

Internationally renowned activists taught Kingston University students about asexuality last week, a sexual orientation that is often misunderstood. Guest speakers and activists Lea Uva, Katie and Diego Maco talked about how their sexual orientation, and how a lack [more…]

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Former KU student wins human rights award

A former Kingston University student has received the Christine Jackson Young Person Award this past Monday for her campaign against refugee detention camps. Meltem Avcil, a former Kingston student, saw her work recognised after her petition [more…]