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The best eggs for Easter 2021

By Amanda Henrikson Mar 2, 2021
Hands holding gold wrapped mini eggsCredit:Sharon McCutcheon/Unsplash

Easter Sunday is coming up this weekend and there is no better way to celebrate than by enjoying some tasty chocolate eggs filled with sweets.

Easter chocolate producers come out with over the top, fabulous Easter eggs. Some are very expensive, but there are some supermarket eggs that can easily compete with expensive brands. Here are the ones that should be tried this Easter.

Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate Egg

This one might not be the cheapest of them all, but it will last you all Easter. The egg has a thick layer of 70% dark chocolate and is filled with minatures of Lindt´s selection of chocolates. Definitely suitable for dark chocolate lovers. The egg retails for £10 and can be found at most supermarkets.

Co-op Irresistible Hand Finished Golden Praline Egg

Luxury on a budget can be found in this £8 egg from Co-op. The egg is filled with fudge and cacao nibs and looks way fancier than its price tag suggests.

Tesco free FROM Cluckie the Choc Chick

This chicken shaped Easter egg is for people that enjoy regular milk chocolate. It is also free from gluten, milk and wheat. The egg retails for £3.50 and can be found in Tesco.

Reese´s Pieces hollow egg

This ASDA exclusive retails for £8 and is filled with different treats. The egg itself is made from milk chocolate and coated with Reese´s Pieces. Along with the egg the packaging contains a few original peanut butter cups.

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