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TikTok star goes viral for raging about Kingston Subway

By Evie M Barrett Oct 4, 2021
Owen eating a sandwichOwen Reeman takes a bite of his "disappointing" sandwich. Photo: @Owenreeman on TikTok

A TikTok influencer has gone viral with a video set in Subway on Clarence Street, Kingston, where he claims to have had the “most disappointing sub of all time”.

The Subway connoisseur, 22-year-old Owen Reeman, shared a video to his 25,000 followers in the early hours of Saturday morning, in which he told Subway staff it was “ludicrous” that they could not toast his sandwich.

Reeman went on to say he was “not happy” about the sandwich, which he described as “at most a five out of ten”.

“Apparently after 3.30am they stop toasting sandwiches and turn the oven off,” said Reeman. “I was quite drunk so I wasn’t as annoyed as I made out, but I was certainly unhappy, as I was just hungry.”

Reeman, who refers to himself on TikTok as “CEO of Subway”, often makes videos reviewing different Subway sandwiches and supermarket meal deals, among other takeaways. 

Talking about his experience in the Clarence Street store, Reeman said he never thought it would attract 200,000 viewers, especially given that it is definitely not the worst sandwich he’s ever had from the chain.

“I wouldn’t even say it’s in my worst five of all time as I’ve had some truly awful Subways suggested to me when I’ve been experimenting,” said the sports psychology student. “However, it’s definitely my most disappointing sub of all time.”

Despite being “let down massively” on this occasion, it appears Reeman has not been discouraged by the incident: “We go again this Wednesday, let’s see which late night cuisine I end up with this time!”

When asked to comment on the matter, Subway said: “Unfortunately we’re unable to respond at this time.”

You can view the full video below:


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