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Varsity Preview: Men’s Volleyball

By Tonje Odegard Mar 23, 2015
KU's Men's Volleyball team. From top left across: Pierre Furlan, Hauk Naessa Haga, George Pal, Joseph Hartigan, Jordan Gould, Nik Kamm and Anar Piriev. Bottom left across: Amirhossein Abbassi, Simon Taylor, Ardalan Shams, Omiid Samadi and Matheus da Trindade Viega. Picture: Jordan Gould.

KU Men’s Volleyball team say they are ready for Varsity, despite missing some of their key players, after improving massively as a team this year.

Captain Jordan Gould said: “The league has been very competitive and enjoyable, the guys have played fiercely and developed incredibly well as individuals and as a team.

“I know that the team will have a strong starting position next year because they are a determined group of lads who have the skill and perseverance to succeed and I will be sad to leave them behind.”

Jordan, Nik, Pierre, Hauk, Ardalan, Anar Simon and Amir are playing at Varsity and Jordan said they are all looking forward to it because it is a rare chance to show everyone how fun volleyball is.

Jordan said: “It’s a great experience as both a player and a fan because you play with half of Kingston watching you and cheering you on and then you do the same for all of our teams whichever sport it is, it is the best day of the university calendar by a long shot!”

KU Men’s Volley lost against Surrey in last year’s Varsity, but with an improved team, they hope to win this year.

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