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Varsity Preview: Squash

By Anthony Waterworth Mar 20, 2015
Elkalaawy playing for England

KU squash are entering two teams into this year’s Varsity, a women’s team and another team consisting of the top five players at the University.

England international Nada Elkalaawy will be competing in both teams which will boost the club’s chances of improving on last year’s defeats, and an injury to Robb Wright means a call up for Jake Connolly to the top five squad.

Captain Christopher McArthur said: “Next week is difficult to say, we do have a shot its possible. I think we will at least put up a very decent fight.”

Varsity takes place on Wednesday March 25 and the squash teams get underway at 2pm at Surrey Sports Park, tickets can be found here on the KUSU website.


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