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‘Vibrant and lively’ work hub opens at Roehampton Vale

By Hava Kiani Nov 27, 2021
‘Vibrant and lively’ work hub opens at Roehampton Vale‘Vibrant and lively’ work hub opens at Roehampton Vale

KU students are excited about the opening of the Bernie Hub, a new space to work and socialise at Roehampton Vale.

Located on the first floor of the Roehampton Vale campus is the new hub which offers high back sofas for individual study, as well as more open seating areas suitable for group work.

“This space has really made me more motivated to study as before it felt lifeless as the only working space really is a small library. I hope it motivates other students like it has for me,” said Zaniab Al Shamari, a masters student in international commercial law.

Claire Saygili, a fellow international commercial law student, agreed: “It’s opened up more space in the university other than just the library. It automatically gives a vibrant and lively feel to Roehampton Vale.”

Considering that the campus is dedicated to the study of engineering, the Bernie Hub pays tribute to aerospace engineering alumna, Anita Bernie.

Bernie said she was honoured to have the space named after her and officially opened the hub on November 9.

Mohammed Abdi, a mechanical engineering student, is also happy to take advantage of the new space. 

“The Hub is a nice place for me to go to when I need some time for myself when completing work, and without being distracted. It’s also quite cosy so it’s a win-win for me,” he said.

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