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Here are our top stories for this Monday morning:

  • Is commuting to university worth the risk? – student opinions
  • International students face two options: return to KU immediately or face no graduation
  • With Tier 2 announced – students react to the restrictions?
  • Is a two-week lockdown really the answer?
  • How to check your breasts this #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth?
  • Are International students going back home for reading week?
  • It’s spooky season! Here are our dos and don’ts during Halloween celebrations
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  • How do KU students travel to University?

    We asked Kingston University students how do they commute to the university campus. Here are the results:

  • Sport is back

    229 days, 229 longs days without competitive sport at the university, the wait will finally come to an end this week. On Wednesday we have our first set of competitive games back at Kingston.

    The first team will play against Roehampton first team whilst the second team will play against Roehampton seconds, down at Tolworth sports ground. 

    After such a long time away from competitive sport, it is a welcome surprise to have matches back at the university. Both teams will be looking to start the year off with a win against rivals Roehampton. 

    Kingston university men’s football president said: “Having competitive sport back, allows us to safely socialise and express ourselves through sport and exercise. Since football has started up again, I have left felt my general mental and physical health improve dramatically. So, I am very excited about getting back playing on Wednesday.”

    Find out how both teams faired when they played against each other in a friendly last week.


            Credit: Kingston University Football Team 
  • Here are our dont’s for Halloween celebrations

    Five things you shouldn’t do this Halloween to avoid Covid-19 : 

    1. We all love traditional trick or treating but this is not advised to reduce mixing with people.  
    2. Indoor Halloween parties – we all love the vibes of those spooky parties but forget it unless you’re in the same household. 
    3. Don’t use costumes as a face covering instead decorate your face mask.  
    4. Don’t place loose sweets in a bucket for trick or treat, instead have the individually wrapped ones.  
    5. Don’t knock on your neighbours’ doors without having it arranged with them.  


  • It is spooky season, here is our list of Do’s for Halloween celebration.

    Many of you may be waiting for 31st of October to celebrate and enjoy the spooky vibes of Halloween but we all need to be cautious and avoid spreading Covid-19.  

    Photo credit: CIRO FUSCO/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

    Ten safest things to do this Halloween to celebrate!  

    1. Watch a scary movie with your friends or family if they are in your household or social bubble. There are many on Netflix and Amazon Prime 
    2. Have a pumpkin carving competition  
    3. Organize a Halloween treasure hunt within your own household 
    4. Host a virtual party with themed music and costumes  
    5. Twist the traditional face to face trick or treating by dropping off pre-packed sweets on your neighbour’s door step 
    6. Go all out on decorations   
    7. Virtual costume contests   
    8. Get cooking! Make pumpkin spice muffins, cookies, pumpkin pie or even just a latte 
    9. Decorate your face mask 
    10. Transform your home into a haunted house. Just because public haunted houses are likely banned due to Covid-19 restrictions, that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own  

    Stay updated to find out the things you should avoid! 


    Click here for the full story to read students reactions about Halloween celebrations in Covid-19 restrictions.



  • Black History Month – question time preview

    Black History Month

    Question Time – Does Kingston University really take Racism seriously?

    This month the Student Union and the nation are celebrating Black History Month. The Union is celebrating by hosting numerous socially distanced events, ranging from film screenings on Zoom and academic discussions on Covid-19 and the link to ethnicity.

    The pinacol of these events is a question time on whether Kingston University takes racism seriously. This online debate will consist of Vice-Chancellor Professor Steven Spier, Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Simon Wortham and Kingston Race and Equalities Council Chief Executive John Azah.

    Students are invited to join the Zoom call on Thursday 22 October. Students are encouraged to ask them about KU’s actions in tackling racism and inequality. As well as how the University will continue to work to address disadvantage and prejudice in all of its formats across the university.

    This opportunity is a free and engaging conversation, which will need students to address the members of the panel and ask their own questions.


  • How do students feel about a two week lockdown?

    We asked KU students about their views on a two week lockdown. Here are our second student responses:

    “We already did a lockdown, so I think sticking to the current restrictions is enough.”- Alissa

    “I don’t think a lockdown is useful, and people will never fully respect it. I still see people mingling at pubs even though it’s not allowed.”-Adam


    This concludes our student responses

  • Five out of ten international KU students are ignoring travel restrictions to return home for reading week

    International students told the River via an Instagram poll that they plan on going home for reading week. Overlooking the advice from the UK government to travel only when necessary. As London moves into Tier 2 lockdown some students might face two weeks of quarantine coming back from their home countries.  Meaning they will not be able to attend university on campus, as well as endangering other students.

    Instagram vote shows an even split in results

    Instagram Poll shows an even split in results

    The River asked students on Instagram for their reasons for going home during a pandemic, the majority of the students answered that they miss their family and friends. One student also replied that they miss speaking their own language.


  • National Curry Week 2020

    Here are the results for the third and final round of our poll dedicated to the National Curry Week 2020. Seems we have a clear front-runner here!

  • Mask photo hunt!


    Since masks have become an accessory now, we have all got them in different shades and patterns. Why don’t you show us your favourite mask by sending us your photos to this email:

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