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Wordle: 2022’s biggest craze so far

By Madichi A Brown Feb 22, 2022
An example of a Wordle of the dayAn example of a Wordle of the day. Credit: Madichi Brown

Wordle is the new viral sensation that has taken the world by storm.  

The game has a simple concept in which players have to find the daily five-letter word in only six tries.  

The player starts with a keyboard and an empty board where they can put lettered tiles. After placing a five-letter word on the board, the player then presses the enter button.  

If a tile turns grey, that means that the letter is not included in the word. If a tile turns yellow, that means that the letter is included in that word but it is in the wrong spot. If a tile turns green that means it is the right letter in the right spot.

When the whole word is covered in green tiles that means the player has won and found the ‘wordle’ of the day. 

Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a British software engineer who created the game as a way to entertain his girlfriend who enjoyed crossword puzzles. 

Wordle launched the game to the public in October 2021 and according to internet traffic site Similarweb, it currently has over 45 million monthly visits. 

Part of its popularity stems from the fact that it is only one puzzle per day, which Wardle specifically did to avoid players becoming addicted.

The game really surged when players were able to share their progress on Twitter, which allowed to it to become a daily trending topic with many notable celebrities joining in including US talk show host Jimmy Fallon and Pointless host, Richard Osman. 

The New York Times recently bought the game for an unspecified seven figure sum. Changes it has since made to the game have caused controversy among fans. 

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