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Years and Years of success

FROM an unknown, indie-signed synth-pop trio to four-time Brit Award nominees in just one year, ...

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(credit: Disney)

Mowgli returns to the jungle

Late last year, within a small darkened screening room in the bowels of London-based visual ...

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Anomalisa: Pretentious puppets are a let-down even during sex

Coming from Being John Malkovich writer Charlie Kaufman, Anomalisa is a character study on the ...

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The cast of Allegiant   (credit: ajc)

Allegiant: Surprisingly entertaining sci-fi bogged down by teenage angst

The third in the Divergent franchise, Allegiant continues where Insurgent left off; the factions broken, ...

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James Gourley/REX

The three most appealing changes from the budget

Since our Chancellor of the Exchequer claimed to have £27bn in his latest autumn statement, ...

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Hands music is closing down and I am really upset about it

Hands Music, the last independent music instrument shop in Kingston, closed down a couple of ...

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Space Bar, you will not be missed

Space Bar, Penrhyn Road’s one and only student bar, is to close at Easter ahead ...

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Two reasons Apple is right to challenge the FBI

No wonder Apple is so confident in rejecting orders from courts and the most respected ...

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