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David Hasselhoff stars as Father Christmas in Nikon COOLPIX Alternate Christmas Photo, Southport, Britain - 30 Nov 2012

Ho ho horrible

A compilation of Christmas albums bad enough to make Santa weep You know those Christmas songs ...

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Spectre cast

A look forward to Bond 24: SPECTRE

  A deep resonant voice is heard as a hand slowly strokes a white cat ...

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Not so Victoria’s Secret anymore

  It is many women’s dream to sit front-row at an exclusive fashion show like ...

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Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B review

Introducing us to a younger overly-ambitious star, Babygirl (Aaliyah’s nickname), the start of Lifetime Network’s much-slated ...

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43 per cent of Kingston Students have smoked weed.

Gender, drugs, and statistics

A survey on drug usage among Kingston students conducted by The River revealed that the gender ...

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Rex Features

When solidarity with Palestine goes too far

Apart from Kingston’s convenient location, Cheesy Fridays and the Christmas market, it is actually its ...

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Photograph by Maria Kaffa

Do we pay too much for our education?

Being among the first group of students to pay around £9,000 a year for tuition, ...

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Gay Pride march in Atlanta, Georgia, America - 12 Oct 2014

Homophobia: beating up the whole community

‘But you don’t look like a lesbian. I would have never thought you were gay. Like, ...

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