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swim deep

Review: Swim Deep at Banquet Records and Hippodrome

Indie pop band, Swim Deep, played an acoustic set at Banquet Records, Kingston, yesterday before ...

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KU rising star releases first EP

Third year music student Alessandra Morris, better known as Zophy Ohr, is releasing her first ...

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New exhibition launches at the Stanley Picker Gallery

A new exhibition was launched at the Stanley Picker Gallery yesterday, which will be ongoing until ...

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Kingston’s new cocktail bar-The Viper Rooms

A new cocktail bar opened on the Riverside in Kingston town centre in late summer, ...

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Cleaning social media platforms for potential employers.

10 Tips on cleaning up your online profile for a job hunt

Pictures of nights out with the lads, late night Twitter rants, public posts on your ...

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Credit: Rex Features

The end of the free plastic bag

On October 5 a 5p plastic bag tax was was introduced by the government. Whilst the ...

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Credit: REX

Careless drug culture responsible for students taking cognitive enhancing drugs

What do you do if you want to have a good night out nowadays? Take ...

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Unpaid Internships: A farcical way to start working life

The process of gaining relevant work experience as a student or graduate often hinges on a ...

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