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£700,000 being cut from KUSCO’s maintenance budget leaves River rubbish uncleaned

By Yasemin Kose Dec 3, 2017
After the huge budget cut due to plan 2020, KU is left in mess PHOTO: Megan Foster Flaherty

As part of an investigation, The River team went around the university and created some mess, resulting in four out of eight rooms not being cleaned.

KUSCO failed to clean up the mess The River team left behind PHOTO: Asa Aaberge

At the Penrhyn Road campus, a bottle cap was left along the main building staircase for five days before it was cleaned and a coffee cup filled with a rotting banana peel was left on the third floor of the library for over a week.

The John Galsworthy building still has a week old coffee stain along with skittles crushed into the floor on the floor and mess in a Sopwith Building room was not cleaned for four days.

KU cut £700,000 from KUSCO’s maintenace budget, however the university did not specify the exact amount that is spent on cleaning.

A spokesperson for KUSCO said: “Part of this figure is related to cleaning activities. These efficiencies have not resulted in changes to the cleaning service in any area of the University used by students.

Whilst some rooms were not cleaned, others were. Coffee stains in both, Knights Park and Penhryn Road, libraries were cleaned the following day.



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