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Across campus loos, a soap crisis

By Lucy Ford Dec 21, 2014


After several complaints about dirty, soapless loos across Penrhyn Road, The River did a toilet tour to investigate the hygiene crisis:

Frustration, impatience and confusion were common feelings between all the unhappy students who could not get their hands (literally) on a single drop of soap. John Galsworthy building was the most neglected, as more than half of dispensers were found with no stock.

Abha Shrestha, 20-year-old psychology student:

It’s really frustrating there is no soap in here, and on hardly any of the floors. I have to carry hand sanitiser with me. They need to check the toilets more regularly.

Jayanti Gurung, 24, mathematical science:

Two out of three of the soap dispensers aren’t working in the toilets I have just used. They [university staff] really need to start checking them regularly.

Seemar Wadwa, 28, biomedical science:

 I have had this experience before, when there is no soap in any of the dispensers. I had to use my own hand sanitiser gel. There is also a problem with toilet papers, and the toilets get very dirty when it’s busy. They need to check them more regularly.

All proposed the same solution – regular toilet checks. Let’s hope no petitions are created before they start doing so.

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