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Alcohol-free drinks that make you feel buzzed?

By Grace Hunt Jan 24, 2024

There are many alcohol-free alternatives, but they don’t provide the same sensation as being tipsy. However, Three Spirits a brand that specialises in plant-based, alcohol-free drinks, claims to have made a drink that stilll makes you feel buzzed. Here we review the drinks to see if we think its promises stack up.

Three Spirit’s range include lions mane mushroom, hull melon hops, schisandra berry, guayusa, cacoa, and passionflower, and the product claims to have the same effect as alcohol while being hangover-free and lower in calories.

 A team of scientists and bartenders collaborated to create a line of drinks, including the Livener, which is described as the perfect party pick-me-up; the Social Elixir, which is said to make you the perfect social companion and mood booster; and the Nightcap, which claims to help you relax and unwind. These drinks cost £24.99 each, or they can be bought together for £64.97.

Three Spirit has stores all around the world, but none near Kingston, so I elected to shop online. The online store has a quiz that helped me browse the options and choose the ideal drink for me. The questionnaire asked about my preferred flavours and what I expected from the drink. The findings showed that the Livener was the best option for me, so I ordered it.

After a few days, the drink arrived, and I was excited to taste it. Fortunately, I had a party coming up, so I figured this would be the best location to sample it. The Livener contains energising schischanda berry, balanced green tea, and euphoric guayasha and is supposed to taste fresh and spicy with watermelon, guava, and ginger. Ginseng’s bitter aromas and fragrant green herbs combine for a lingering dry finish of rich tannins, hibiscus, and exotic heat. 

The drink smelled unpleasant, almost like gherkins, which threw me off. However, to give it the best opportunity, I followed the recipe, which called for 50 ml of the drink combined with pink lemonade. The drink did not taste too horrible; it was surely better than vodka or any other type of alcoholic spirit. It was a little bitter and not to my taste, but it was palatable. You are supposed to drink two portions to get the full benefit of the drink, so I poured myself another one.

About thirty minutes into the session, I began to experience a pleasant side effect; I felt slightly more extroverted and energised, which aided my efforts to interact with others and overcome my shyness. Nevertheless, I can’t say for sure whether this was just a placebo effect, but I felt more confident and did not have a hangover the following day.

Finally, while the Livener does have some effect, it is not nearly as pleasant as alcohol. I would choose the Livener if I were planning a night out because it leaves you feeling good without causing a hangover or adding extra calories. But booze is what I’d pick for a night out on the town. Additionally, Three Spirit isn’t exactly student-friendly due to its high prices and the fact that you need to make preparations before purchasing their drinks unless you happen to be in close proximity to one of their stores.

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