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Are Kingston’s clubbers still safe?

By River Reporter Oct 25, 2011

 Nabila Nanfuka, 22 was killed after a stampede for the exit in an over-crowded nightclub in Northampton. Two other women were also  injured in the accident and are being treated in hospital for critical injuries.

 Despite this, most Kingston party goers, such as Débora Mercedez, a 21-year old sociology student, still feel safe out clubbing.

“I regularly go clubbing in Kingston and know that nothing could happen here. I think the club owners and manager are doing everything they can to prevent accidents like this as they have a reputation and money to lose,” she said.

No worries

 Adrian, a 22 year-old International relation student agreed saying: “One incident doesn’t mean that it will happen here in Kingston too, I wouldn’t worry too much about it as there’s always security staff.”

 In contrast to this, Lauranne Hares, a 22–year-old publishing student had worse experiences during her night out in an overcrowded Oceana: “I dislocated my knee at Oceana some time ago. The DJ called security and the medic straight away, but as security isn’t allowed to touch a girl my friends had to help me up which was painful.  In the end, I had to go to the hospital the next day and I suffered on crutches for 10 days.”

Fire alarm

 The student from Northampton is believed to have suffered a heart attack after being crushed on a landing area halfway down a staircase in a stampede for the exit, after the fire alarm went off.

 Around 1,300 students from across the UK attended the nightclub which has a capacity of 1,400. The event which was a hip-hop and R&B night was due to go on until 4am but at 3.30am managers began moving everyone towards the exits.

The managers of Kingston’s nightclubs say nothing similar could happen at their venues.

Security staff

 Dan Corry, manager of Oceana reassured every student that they have security staff employed every night to ensure a “smooth running of the club without any trouble”.

 Erdem Ercan, manager of Barcardia said: “In all the years there was only one incident where a person got glass in his face. This was a long time ago and since then we have taken precautions and don’t serve any bottles or drinks in glasses after 12.”

 He also added that the club had an emergency exit in the case of panic and several trained security staff.

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