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“I’m kind of a big deal…”

By River Reporter May 4, 2012

By Matthew McEvoy

KU students Nathanial Rodriguez, Jake Riley-Hunte and Adam De’Hill have made a hilarious parody of Kingston’s boys at their best on a night out.

Oceana Boys was a final year project by film student Rodriguez, and with the help of friends second year film student  Riley-Hunte, and  civil engineering student De’Hill, it has quickly become one of the funniest Kingston satires since last years cult MC, J20, garnering an impressive 1600 views in just a couple of days.

The 22-year-old Brightonian, who also freelances as a club night filmmaker, said: “It was my final year project and to be honest, I have been looking for an excuse to make a film for ages.

“The whole idea I guess is relevant to people our age, it is something they can relate to.”

The 24 minute short parodies the antics of the every night lad, as he attempts to pick up girls in a club scene.

Toe curling

The documentary styled short features three toe-curlingly different characters, played by Rodriguez, Riley-Hunte and De’Hill, and details their efforts to “pull” while out in a popular Kingston club.

“We basically came up with characters for eachother to play” said Rodriguez, “I drew up a rough outline of each character’s questions and we then got together to come up with the cringe-worthiest responses possible.”

This is not to say the trio’s characters are glaringly vulgar; in fact the subtle brilliance lies in what Rodriguez believes are elements of the truth: “Each character is a kind of caricature of what we think one another are like,” he said.

Risque in nature, Rodriguez has submitted it already and is now hoping for the best: “It was like 10 minutes over the limit, but it was good fun to make.

“I really hope it gets a good mark.”

Click below to watch the video (If you do not mind a bit of fruity language/cringing hard): 

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