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Hilarious Halls Mishaps

Living in halls is a beautiful experience. It’s a place of community and friendship, a place to socialise and make friends for life. Well, for some – read on for some of the funniest halls [more…]

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Rick and Morty Returns After Two Year Hiatus

Adult Swim US released episode one of the long awaited Rick and Morty season four on Sunday night last week. Whilst released solely in America, UK fans have less time to wait than initially thought.

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The 5 most annoying things that happen at KU

Kingston University is a great place to study. But there are some deeply annoying things that happen that can make each day frustrating, from students hogging the laptops in the LRC, to messing with the books, to inaccurate timetables. While [more…]

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10 Great Things About KU

  University is a confusing and life-changing experience, sometimes you may wonder whether you made the right choice and what to expect. However, for all new students, whether you are an international or a home student, there is [more…]

Fox Comic Controversy

Whether you laughed or sent complaint letters, our last comic in The River got a big reaction; isn’t this how most comedians get started?

By Joseph Longley