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Katie Melua Secret Symphony review

By River Reporter Feb 26, 2012

Laura Varley reviews Katie Melua’s beautifully crafted new album, her first since 2010.

By Laura Varley

By Laura Varley

Katie Melua is best known for her breakthrough song Closest Thing to Crazy and the memorable Nine Million Bicycles. We haven’t heard from her since 2010 when she suffered a nervous breakdown due to over-working herself, but now she’s returned with Secret Symphony.

Her stunning voice and easy-listening acoustic style are back and boy, she’s still got it. The first track of Secret Symphony, Gold in them Hills, demonstrates her beautifully aching voice, a wonderful way to start your morning: “I know it doesn’t seem that way, but maybe it’s a perfect day,” Katie sings.

There’s a danger of Melua’s music sounding very samey but she avoids that trap for the most part with Secret Symphony, with each track exuding meaningful lyrics accompanied by a distinctive sound. The upbeat Moonshine is very different from the slow, romantic title song Secret Symphony.

Katie provides us with a perfect escape from the other popular music currently on the market and Secret Symphony is a joy to listen to, even if the style of music isn’t your regular cup of tea. It’s perfect for relaxing too, perhaps while enjoying that aforementioned tea, or simply having on in the background while you work.

You won’t always necessarily find yourself singing along, which is why it’s great as a backdrop for your regular day-to-day activities, but it’s still a hugely enjoyable and beautifully crafted album.

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