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Kingston students’ designs at London Fashion Week

By River Reporter Oct 11, 2012

Kingston University’s MA fashion students made their mark on London Fashion Week after showcasing their work at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout event in September.

Alexia McCartney

Designs by the MA fashion students were proudly shown on September 17 at the exclusive Vauxhall Fashion Scout held at the Freemasons Hall grand vestibule in Central London.

“Displaying their work in an environment like Vauxhall is an excellent way to progress within the industry, because not only does it allow opportunities to create and develop contacts, but it also gives the opportunity to work in a professional way,” said Antony Cowell, first-year fashion student at Kingston.

The Vauxhall event lasted from September 14 till the 18th and was London Fashion Week’s largest independent event.

The students put on a show of their collections ranging from womenswear, to menswear and accessories, alongside exhibits of their designs.

Elinor Renfrew, Kingston University’s academic Director of Fashion, said of the designs: “The collections are uncompromising, brave, humorous and political.”

MA fashion students Julia Skergeth, Stephanie Jayne Price, Emily Crane and Jaime Russon are just some of the young KU designers who had the exclusive privilege of presenting their work at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

“The designs were really impressive and they really did exceed people’s expectations. The course also has a huge emphasis on the future of fashion and pushing fabrication and technology within fashion, which I think was evident in the work they showed,” said Antony Cowell.

The MA fashion course is only in its fourth year at Kingston and has already opened doors for many of its students, who have had the privilege of working with big fragrance and flavour companies, such as Givaudan.

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