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KU student showcases theatrical play for students

By River Reporter Nov 16, 2012

Matija Mesic

Third year Kingston University Velko Georgievski student presented his play Miss Julie to a full theatre at the Reg Bailey last night.

The drama student who is studying to be an actor has called it “an invaluable experience as an actor and as a director”.

“You have to be active in pursuing what you are passionate about,” said Georgievski.

The play took a month to prepare and to the director it was important because “these are the years that matter especially if you study drama, you need to build up the experience”.

The play originally written by Swedish playwright Johan August Strindberg in 1888, coves topics such as social class divide, love, lust and battle of the sexes.

Performances by the all-student cast was remarkable and the scenography for the play was well selected. 

The main role of Miss Julie is portrayed by actress Zoey Barnes, whose emotional performance on the opening night was truly above all. 

On his choice of play, Georgievski said:“It is a known play that all students should know and I wanted to share a little of my Swedish heritage.”

KU lecturers proved to be an invaluable support to the student director.

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